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Get Your Professional Website Done With TYPEK

We believe that every WordPress users should have the tools & technology to optimize their website for more conversions.

Building amazing websites with WordPress and Typek!

Like you, we were searching for a better way to increase website conversions and traffic. So we build a premium WordPress Plugins to maximize conversions on your own WordPress website. We’re always working on new improvements and themes for our customers

SEO friendly

WordPress plugins & services to rank higher in search results

Typek for Everyone

Surpass the competition with Typek plugins.

Amazing support!

We take great pride in the level of support we provide to our customers.

Typek: AutoWriter Pro for WordPress – OpenAI (GPT)

WP AutoWriter is a powerful WordPress plugin that leverages the advanced technology of OpenAI GPT to automate and streamline the content creation process for your website. 

Typek: Auto Internal Linking Plugin For WordPress

Internal links Manager for WordPress is an SEO plugin that allows you to add and optimize your internal links in bulks.

Typek: Omnibus Plugin For WooCommerce

Typek WooCommerce Omnibus plugin checks and then displays the lowest price for a given product within the last 30 days.

Typek: Performance Plugin For WordPress

Typek is for designers, website builders and Website owners who want their sites to be fast too.

Typek: Sales Booster For WooCommerce

Increase Conversions, & Maximize Profits – Turn your website into a selling machine!!

What our clients are say?

A game changer! I found Typek as the best solution for my WPO tasks! A click here and other there and you will have awesome results in Google Page Speed You won’t regret to have Typek. Great product, great suppor and great guys.

Carlos Tum

The best thing that ever happen to WordPress for years. PageSpeed is a critical factor to rank high. WordPress generally is not the fastest CMS. Now WPTypek can really change this. You can easily get “green” on Google Page Speed testing tool. Fantastic plugin

Lukasz Zelazny

I think that this plugin is the best for optimising websites based on WordPress, because not only does it reduce the size of the scripts so website is faster, but it also remove some elements from code which are not used.

Julian Korgol