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10 ways to use subscription messages.

In 2017, over 1.3 billion users already use Facebook Messenger. This number is constantly increasing and Messenger has become not only a tool for exchanging messages, but also a way to reach potential customers. In this article, we describe 10 ways to use Messenger as a marketing tool.

People like to be not only in touch, but also to get messages in the fastest possible way. And the way people communicate is changing.  We prefer communication, which is smartphone-friendly. In the information world, a modern communication tool has become the basis for building the company’s image. And Messenger is the most popular communication tool today.

Let us first determine who you are. You can be a blogger, an internet creator, run a large company or small, local business. The main thing, however, is that you want to deliver your message quickly to the recipients, using their favorite channels. You don’t  want to be another mailing that will go to spam or trash. So, let’s go

I am a blogger and have just published a new post.

Facebook profile limits reach, and younger users do not like RSS feed? No problem. Inform readers straight through the message. They don’t  even have to use Facebook, just open the link.

I am an artist… should I really use Messenger?

New exhibition, vernissage or maybe a meeting with fans? Whatever you plan, let me know. With a subscription, you’ll quickly collect the right recipients in one place.

You run a local business

Inform customers about all changes. Although Facebook regulations prohibit sending promotional coupons, it allows you to inform about new products. You can also encourage to visit the website. Changing the opening hours, expanding the product range – what is important, it will go straight to the customer.

You start building a community

Building a group of people who will mutually recommend your services or products is simple. If you start sending valuable information through a subscription, it is easier for them to recommend you. Maybe you want have your own Facebook group? Inform about it via subscriptions. 

You are the organizer of the meeting

It doesn’t matter if it’s a meeting with you or if you’re doing a job for someone. A subscription via Messenger will make it easier for you to contact participants. Not only will you keep them up to date on the informations about the meeting, but after all you will keep in touch.

You manage the project

Use the subscription not only for external customers, but also for your team. Send important information quickly for entire groups. This is an ideal tool for companies from a large sector. Your team will be up to date and you will not miss any feedback.

You run beauty and spa services

Submit tips for taking care of yourself and a healthy lifestyle. People often want to read light and simple messages. Everyone will gladly start the day with nice and interesting information, which will be displayed on the smartphone. The recipients of your advice are your potential clients.

You have an online store

Inform customers about the delivery date of their goods, send them the parcel number. ( Comming soon in Faceletter plugin.) Remember that you can use subscribe to different customer groups or an individual customers. Experiment and find your way to optimal communication.

Combine different communication channels and encourage activity

With a subscription by Messenger, you can inform your  customers about what is happening on other social media. Not everyone follows Twitter or has an Instagram account. Send them a  link to your social media and encourage them to be active.

Investigate the behavior of your recipients and customers

Because of establishing a friendly form of communication, you will see how your clients react to it. Over time, you’ll learn how to choose content to collect the best feedback. Subscription messages allow a good analyst to test a group of recipients and get to know their preferences. The better you know your clients, the better you can prepare offer for them.

Subscription messages on Messenger  is an increasingly powerful marketing tool. Because it is relatively young, it is worth investing in its recognition and implementation.

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