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How to build engaged community by using Faceletter?

Let’s look at the statistics – over 2 billion active users on a monthly basis and one billion of which are members of various groups. It’s true, that Facebook is a marketing gold mine and people are the greatest value. How can we build engaged community?

Good community is a power – people love to discuss, buy and exchange opinions. A properly targeted community can itself be a marketing tool. Let’s look at thematic groups and a fanpage focused around large international brands. It’s really a free sales system.

The best user

What is the best user for marketing?

Surely you will say that:

– engaged in discussions,

– giving clear feedback,

– recommending products or fanpage,

– interested in new products and promotions.

But how do you get him to remember what we offer?

You can use a Faceletter plugin and you should treat it as a community building tool.

You just need to remember the most important thing – to keep discussions and to keep the users active. For example, you can engage in personal discussions with members and get valuable feedback, but it is direct activity. If the user does not appear on the fanpage or group, you do not have to interact with him. Therefore, the first step is to guide it properly.

Building community by using Faceletter

1. Direct the user

Using Faceletter, send curiosities and articles, ask questions, which will be answered on the fanpage. At this stage, do not offer too much strictly marketing information, you must first prove your worth.

2. The grading of information

When you notice that people are more and more likely to visit and respond to what you are writing, start sending marketing information to them. Remember to increase their frequency gradually, not forgetting that the supersaturation may cause your subscribers to unsubscribe.

3. Add online gifts not available through other channels

People like to feel treated individually. If the subscription means receiving a gift (for instance some extra tips), people will agree to it more willingly. However, if the same can, for example, be downloaded for free from your website, the interest in the subscription will drop.

4. Send messages “only to recipients”

As with gifts, create unique content. Thanks to this, you will create the impression that some of the information is available only for selected ones. People like being part of groups that differentiate them from others. By having access to limited materials, they feel honored.

5. Ask and invite

Remind not only about your offer, but also about discussions. There is a new product?

Encourage your subscribers to express their opinion. Indicate more interesting discussions on your profile, quote the engaged users. Customers must be just as important as marketing activities.

Building a community takes time, and Faceletter allows you to automate some activities. It will ensure that you reach your users quickly and directly. Thanks to this, creating a community is simple and at the same time it is possible to maintain the activity of users at a constant, high level.

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