Create newsletter on Facebook Messanger platform. Collecting subscribers and send bulk message. Lightweight WordPress plugin *Only Pages that are registered with the Facebook News Page Index will be allowed to use subscription messages.

Faceletter – Messenger Newsletter Plugin

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Facebook Messenger Newsletter Plugin For WordPress.

Collecting subscribers and sending bulk message from your WordPress website has never been so easy.
Faceletter is a new way to engage with your audience and drive conversations within Facebook Messenger and WordPress

Make Faceletter the next move

Stop wasting your time, and start turning your existing website traffic into more Faceletter subscribers! Like you, we were searching for a better way to capture subsrciptions and increase website conversions. So we build a premium WordPress Plugin to create Faceletter list and maximize conversions on our own WordPress website.

PRICE3000 subscribers
15-30$ monthly
99$ – one time
OPEN RATE5%-25%80%-95%

How Faceletter works?

Imagine you can get almost all your subscribers and customers to take a look at the offer you make. Imagine your messages not being ignored any more. Tempting, isn’t it? All you have to do is use Faceletter Messenger subscriptions plugin for WordPress to provide your users with informations about your business or product. It’s just like a good old-fashioned email – someone might say. Yes, maybe. But the main difference between email and Messenger is that Messenger gets an average open rate of more than 80% while for most emails it’s only 20-25%.

Who Should use Faceletter ?

Marketing using Faceletter is conceptually similar to how email marketing works, but in practice, Messenger allows you to interact with your subscribers while classic email marketing produces only one-way messages. And this is the main reason why Facebook Messenger is a great strategy for marketing your business online. Faceletter is the most powerful lead generation plugin for marketing agencies, bloggers, eCommerce websites, and all small businesses. If you want to grow your Faceletter list, improve your website conversions, then you need FaceLetter plugin for WordPress.

Send messages to your subscribers

Faceletter are a new way to engage with your audience and drive conversations within Facebook Messenger. With 80% open rates. Moreover, the visitors more likely turn into the clients when they can message the chosen business. You can easily reach your potential clients and gain their trust. The Facebook Messenger subscription allows you to provide one to one marketing. If your subscriber will reply to your message, you can chat with them when necessary and increase sales. Doesn’t matter if you are in the office or waiting in line at the grocery store – you can chat with your clients anytime, anywhere, even on your phone. What’s important, using Messenger you gain an easy access to the chat history. Chatting with many customers at the same time is not a problem – you can do it without worrying about bandwith.
– you should use this trend as an opportunity.

Get the best ways to generate leads

FaceLetter is a unique WordPress plugin letting you create a link between your business and potential customers by simply putting a Facebook subscriptions button on your website. Subscriptions is the best way to inform about your latest products, offer support and stay in touch with all your subscribers any time, any place.
Set up Faceletter, it usually takes just few minutes, and the Facebook subscriptions button will appear on your WordPress site. Using Messenger is convenient for both sides. Your customers can easily ask for additional informations and you can save time and money while building a rich client base for your business.

Faceletter types of messages

Available Pre-defined message templates, that allow you to send structured messages

Generic template

The generic template is a simple structured message that includes a title, subtitle, image, and up to three buttons. You may also specify a object that sets a URL that will be opened in the Messenger webview when the template is tapped.

List template

The list template is a list of 2-4 structured items with an optional global button rendered at the bottom. Each item may contain a thumbnail image, title, subtitle, and one button. You may also specify a object that sets a URL that will be opened in the Messenger webview when the item is tapped.

Button template

The button template sends a text message with up to three attached buttons. This template is useful for offering the message recipient options to choose from, such as pre-determined responses to a question, or actions to take.

Subscription Messaging Approval for your Facebook page

First thing you have to do is to go to your Facebook page settings and select the Messenger Platform. Next, look for the section called Advanced Messaging Settings and click the Request button. Once you get there you have to select the type of messages your page will send. Select the News category. In the Provide additional details section describe the type of messages you will send, for example blog updates. Then wait for your request approval. Remember that subscription messages cannot include promotional content. Sale announcements or coupons wouldn’t be accepted.

Go to Facebook Page Settings > Messenger platform. Scroll down to “Advanced Messaging Features”, then click on “Request”.

Provide additional details

Sample content:
We are running a blog which provides articles for travelers. We want send weekly message to our subscribers about new articles. We will use tags #news #internet #cms #malware and other tag from blog category.
Maximum twice a week but most of the times even less. These messages are easy to opt out from and are personalized to some extent delivering relevant content and never promotional in nature.

Examples of messages

Sample content:

“Dear subscriber, We have just released a new article about security. Check our site for mor details. “
“How can you be more productive? Read this study to make a change today. “
“Dear subscriber, We have just released a new article about security. Check our site for mor details. “
“Hello, {first_name] We publish a new article about … you might be interested”
“How can you be more happy? Read this study to make a change today. “

If you want access to specific info about People you can click “Info About People”. When you finish, click on “Submit for Review”, and you’re done. Next step “Create app”

Create app

First thing you have to do is to go to your Facebook for developer. You must first convert your Facebook account to a Developer Account and register your app using the App Dashboard. Next, look for the section called “Add a new app” and click. Once you register, click the Settings link on the left side and provide any additional information you may have about your app.

Step 1: Go to the Facebook Developers page at:
On the page’s top-right corner, click on “My apps” next click on button “create new app”

Step 2: Go to Settings>Basic and copy your App ID and App Secret. Add app domain – your website url with https:// – add link to your website privacy policy and terms of service – chose category messanger.Complete all fields in this form. At the bottom of the page, click the button “Add platform” > Website>add your website with https://

Step 3: Go to Facelleter plugin settings in your WordPress and paste your App ID and App Secret

Step 4: Go to Facebook > Page> About and copy page id. Next go to plugin settings in your WordPress and paste your Page ID

Step 5: Back to your app in Facebook developers > + product> Messenger.

Step 6: In messagers settings go to Access Tokens, chose your facebook page and click button. Add permisions/Edit permisions. In the next steps, connect the page with the application. Select the page for which you want to generate acces token. Copy Acces Token and paste in facelleter plugin settings.

Step 7: In messengers app settings go to webhook section. Next click button Setup Webhooks. Copy verify token and webhook url from faceletter plugin and paste it in webhook settings. Check the boxes as in the screenshot. Click verify and save.

If you verify webhook – selcect a page to subscribe your webhook.

Step 9: Create list and request to aprove pages_messaging on facebook.

Go to plugin settings and create your first list:

If you create your first list you can request to aprove pages_messaging –

Sample content: 
Hey review team, Pages_messaging is being used to unsubscribe from subscription. The WordPress plugin allows me to send messages to people who have active subscriptions. ( Subscribers is opt-in via the button “subscribe on messenger” on the website ). A subscriber can always be unsubscribed to our list if they want. Page_messagin is only used to view the user lists and unsubscribe from these lists. Chat bot is not used for conversations with users. Only for unsubscribe from the list.

When your request will be accepted, change app status to Live.

*After you submit your app for review, Facebook may ask you to verify your identity as a business or as an individual user. To finish your app permision, Facebook will send an alert to your App Dashboard Inbox. The alert will contain a link that begins the verification process.

*The website is not affiliated with Facebook.

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