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Focus on creation – leave the optimization to WPTYPEK! This is the first plugin to analyze DIVI HTML and CSS


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Lightweight Divi in a five Click!

The more unused CSS is on your website, the more time the browser spends calculating the styles for each node. Unused CSS also slows down a browser’s construction of the render tree.

This is the first plugin to analyze DIVI HTML and CSS

Most plugins remove white spaces, newlines or comments – and that’s all. WPtypek performance works completely different, analyzes page structure and removes unnecessary code from css files and html. Then for each page plugin generates unique files containing only the required css code.

Remove unused css

Remove unused CSS from DIVI

WPtypek performance checks which CSS rules apply to render page and only these styles are placed on page. Your page builder probably loads all styles – for widgets, blocks or modules (even if you don’t use specific module on the site). We check html and css code and removing unnecessary css and html elements.

Potential reduction:

Standard Divi CSS: ~789k Purified + Minified: ~120k



HTML Purifier will not only remove all malicious code, it will also make sure your documents are standards compliant. Remember – that part is only achievable with a comprehensive knowledge of W3C‘s specifications.

Minify css


Minimization improves page rendering speed without any negative impact on the application or user experience..

Image compression

Image compression

Loading smaller images is faster page loading times. Free API reSmush.it or Nitrosmush

Page caching

Page Caching

Brilliant method which can help you to improve the load time

Performance wordpress

Work with divi, work with all!

Wptypek Performance will work with Divi’s CSS but also those of installed child themes and plugins. Purify Divi or Purify all

WordPress plugin

Minimal Configuration, Immediate Results!

Ready to go in a five Click!

More awesome features to speeding Up Your Divi ?


Gzip compression is a simple, effective way to save bandwidth and speed up your site.

Lazy loading

Lazy loading is technique that defers loading. Displays images on a page only when they are visible to the user.

Clear Divi header

This plugin allows you to remove meta tags –
There is a lot of information that you usually don’t need.

Database Optimization

Clean database contribute to overall performance. Enhance the overall response time of your website.

How our plugin remove unused CSS from Divi?

To construct the render tree, a browser must PARSE HTML to DOM and CSS to CSSOM and then, analyze the entire DOM tree, and check which CSS rules apply to each node. The more unused CSS there is, the more time that a browser might potentially need to spend calculating the styles for each node. Our plugin analyzes page structure and removes unnecessary code from css. Then for each page plugin generates unique files containing only the required code.

Why DOM and CSS optimization is important?

Google rewarding sites delivering fast experiences.

One-second delay in mobile load times can impact conversion rates by up to 20%.

Currently the Chrome User Experience Report is focused on loading performance. First Paint, First Contentful Paint, DOMContentLoaded

Google announced a plan to identify and label websites that typically load slowly by way of clear badging. The company says it may later choose to identify sites that are likely to be slow based on the user’s device and current network conditions

What is the difference between our plugin and other plugins?

Most plugins remove white spaces, newlines or comments – and that’s all. WPtypek performance works completely different, analyzes page structure and removes unnecessary code from css files and html. Then for each page plugin generates unique files containing only the required css code.

WPTYPEK is great solution for Divi

Divi has more than 750 functions and you probably only use 20 of them, and other users are use a 20 different functions from yours. Did you know that DIVI loads all functions even if you don’t use them? All this functions reduces the page loading speed.

Why Divi don’t improve it?

Because there is nothing to fix, nothing is broken or done wrong.
Think about WordPress and Divi… This is good way to get your website completed, because you can choose what you need – just like a buffet. You choose this functionality of Divi, and others users chose another functionality of Divi. You’re right. Divi is a toolkit – useful at work (full of flexibility and the ability to create, customize, and personalize). WPTYPEK is great solution, because the result of your work is optimized, not the tool.  

Try a new quaility to optimization DIVI.

Time to first byte. TTFB. The time from sending a request by the client to receiving the first byte of the response gives us a true picture of the efficiency of processing user requests. This time includes not only travel time for questions and answers, but also, importantly, it shows how quickly the answer was prepared. There is nothing about the size of the answer in this measurement. You can send 0.1 KB of instant messages or 1 GB of video. It is important that you quickly responded to the user’s request and something is already happening.

DOM Content Loaded –DCL content is the time it takes to load and process HTML responses. The browser analyzed and created the DOM model of our website, without any style sheets, images, iframes, JavaScript. This is also the first analysis of what remains to be done. Remember that the measurement includes HTML code analysis. Remember – easy conversion into the DOM is important – not the size in KB.

First Meaningful Paint. First painting – The first significant paint. First painting – one of the most important elements of Nielsen’s heuristics. Visible response to user action. It doesn’t matter what and how you give it. It is important how quickly the user sees that something is happening, visual identification confirms that he has entered correctly.

Time to Interact – First interaction – Measurement showing when you can start using the site. So what if the user sees the page, but nothing can be done? This audit fails when the browser waits more than 600 ms for the server to respond to the main document request. Users dislike when they must wait. Slow server response times are one of the possible reasons for a long page load.

Throw away your old tools and optimize your Divi in the best way!

  • Throw away HTTP 1 – retro tests and retro recommendations
  • Throw away Old tests based on Yslow or curl are limited to measuring time, number of connections and file size.
  • Last Yslow update was six years ago, it doesn’t contain anything that has been created in the last decade. Does not take into account changes in the structure of websites. Pages with full server-side rendering have been switched to transferring a large amount of calculations to the user.
  • Relying on old guidelines from HTTP 1 is incorrect because it is assumed that:
  • • 1 KB message is better than 1 MB. But is it really a 1 KB script with an infinite loop that kills the processor better than a 1 MB photo?We get recommendations about sub-domains and CDNs to bypass HTTP 1 when we have HTTP/2 and with one connection we can deliver multiple files.

Query time measurement. Here the factor is half important. It is important to provide page elements faster. Omitting the delivery method, the type of items and their location will distort the result. If the user can read the article, slowly loading a photo in the footer that he cannot see should not affect the positive rating.

Such tests are convenient because they are easy to cheat.

Without taking into account the new HTML 5 standards, asynchronous, HTTP 3, or file types such as webp localhost will always be acquired online. A static file always wins with PHP.

You can get 100% points, although on a device with low RAM, a weak processor or without GPU support, the site may be useless.

The best way to optimize your Divi?

Service Workers or Cache Browsers CDN Proxy server,

proxy server, Varnish, nginx microcache

WordPress response cache plug-ins type: Wptypek Performance

WordPress plug-ins optimizing the DOM and CSSOM: Wptypek Performance

Time to first interaction
From google

Potential reduction:

Time to Interact – First interaction


Before optimization


*If the plugin removes too much css code, use the embedded system to exclude css classes from cleaning. We will be grateful if you write on the facebook group what classes we should add to Config for better work it with Divi.


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