Support policy

How long after purchase can you help?

Wptypek provides 6 months  support services for its products to Clients with active license. After a 6 months, you still receive plugin updates. But technical support is not offered.

What Our Support Service Covers ?

We only support our Products, sold on Our Support Service includes assistance with Product installations, configuration and use.

Bug fixing ?

We do our best to make Wptypek products compatible with everything else in the WordPress world. However, much of it is not in our hands.

If you’re having a problem that involves a different plugin or theme, we can’t make it work. We may require you to disable Third Party products that are installed alongside our Products before we are able to assist you.

We can’t fix everything right that minute. So, if you hit a bug that’s keeping you from doing something, we can’t promise that we’ll fix it right away.

We will fix any defects in our Products as quickly as possible.

Which plugin versions do you provide support for?

We only provide support for the latest versions of our plugins. Update your plugin to latest version before we can help you.


We provide our Products as is. While we can help you to configure our products within the capabilities of each plugin, we do not customize our Products or support any Third Party customizations of our Products